Hello, I am Vita Gong, welcome to visit my personal homepage (VITAGONG.COM). Vita Gong is a qodo person,Zhong-zheng and Ping-he, Qing-xin and Ben-fen. Here you will get a comprehensive understanding of me. My idea, my story, my dream and my life's career.

I favorite styles

Keywords: contracted fashion, elegant gentleman

I know their own needs, and are willing to give oneself to find way of self-realization. Confidence for having the courage to accept challenges, thus becoming more assertive. Question is not terrible, instead of giving you want and adventure spirit.

I choose contracted, on this basis to realize the close relationship with delicate, give yourself a soothing calm temperament. Wake up new yourself, experience the present moment, a race to the top, embrace the future open Vita Gong style of the era.


Business time

Unsmiling, few entertainment, work is everything, the company and myself as a whole, has a quiet detached reputation, the company in respect of Mr. Says Vita Gong.

Working state is like a moment live between life, standing on the edge of a cliff, with others don't have inner drive and update the active consciousness of self, at any time ready to open up a new self.

Thorny problems, is good at open to learning and perspective-taking, actively listening to the sound of diversity, in order to make accurate judgment.


Private space

Independent contemporary and contracted style design and decoration of 60 square meters Vita Gong apartment, natural green plant oxygen and fresh and elegant fossa, classic main color white and original ecological wood plate, receive sex is extremely strong practical furniture functional and practical, no surface glitz, focus more on the heart and life itself.

Bedroom and workshop that occupy the home is more like a library, convenient to capture inspiration concentrated study and creation at rest. Representative of sweet and comfortable, make people cheerful. Dining-room kitchen is an organic whole, have a month energy supply favourite food and wine.


Sharing time

Keen to participate in social activities, party and dinner, meet friends, to communicate ideas, gain new knowledge.